“Magic Valley” To Be Available On Itunes April 9th

According to the Twitter account of star Kyle Gallner, “Magic Valley” will be available on Itunes on April 9th. The long awaited Indie film that appeared at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2011, also stars Matthew Gray Gubler as Mok, a heavy metal fish farmer. Criminal Minds fans may remember Kyle from the Criminal Minds episode “Heathridge Manor”, directed by Gubler.

“TJ Waggs, a high school student living in the small town of Buhl, Idaho, carries the burden of a terrible secret on his shoulders. And he’s not the only one having an off-day: A local fish farmer confronts a selfish neighbor that has carelessly poisoned his crop, the shifty county sheriff neglects his duties and uses his patrol car for his own personal gain, and a mom is too busy fussing over the family dog to notice her missing daughter. To make matters worse, two preschoolers playing in the fields have chosen an unusual playmate—one who is the common thread linking all these characters together.

Writer-director Jaffe Zinn’s atmospheric vision is a ruminative look at a bored and numbed town on the verge of a wake-up call. His keen voice also speaks profoundly to the disconnection of community and the decline of morale in a struggling recession-worn American society. Paced and shot with restrained elegance, highlighting a standout performance by rising talent Kyle Gallner, Zinn’s Magic Valley strives to capture who and where we are before the next defining moment happens.”

–Genna Terranova, Senior Programmer, Tribeca Film Festival





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Repeat Of Gubler Helmed Criminal Minds Episode “The Lesson” To Air This Week

This week, CTV, and CBS will be airing a repeat of Criminal Minds Episode 8.10 “The Lesson”. The episode is the fourth directed by series star Matthew Gray Gubler.
























Series Star Matthew Gray Gubler Directs the Episode

CHEAT TWEET: 2 hearts beat as 1 or is 1 ready 2 run? Reid gets antsy b4 meeting his lady love. #CriminalMinds 3/27, 9pm ET/PT! http://bit.ly/UF9JpL

“The Lesson” – The BAU investigates a series of male bodies that have been oddly disposed of, finding themselves in search of a killer with ritualistic tendencies. Also, Reid gets anxious when faced with the possibility of meeting his mystery woman, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, March 27th  (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Series star Matthew Gray Gubler directs the episode.

Joe Mantegna (David Rossi)
Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner)
Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan)
Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Spencer Reid)
A.J. Cook (Jennifer “JJ” Jareau)
Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia)
Jeanne Tripplehorn (Alex Blake)

Brad Dourif (Adam Rain)
Michael Charles Boucher (Evan Davis)
Hans Howes (Mr. James)
Mark Povinelli (Mr. Conrad)
Hanna Hall (Connie Foster)
Kurtis James Erwin (Byron Sadler)
Gary Cervantes (Detective Martin)
Steve Suh (CSI Tech)
Suzanne Krull (Dr. Glenn)
Sean Whalen (Tucker White)
Matt Kirkwood (George Small)
Jake Brennan (Matt Small)
Noah Darden (Young Unsub)
Maya Stojan (Hostess)
Wendy Rosoff (Lucille)
Jay Hayden (Bobby Putnam)
John Hawkinson (Alex Rain)

WRITTEN BY: Janine Sherman Barrois, one of the series’ executive producers
DIRECTED BY: Series star Matthew Gray Gubler




A Week In Photo’s, @GUBLERNATION Style

Never one to shy away from the camera, Matthew Gray Gubler has been quite the busy bee this week, and here are the photo’s to prove it!


@VirgilWilliams: Me and @GUBLERNATION on sweater-vest-and-tie day. #CriminalMinds. BTW that’s @johnhatchitt photo bombing in the B.G.


@johnhatchitt: Looks like a new CM Music Video could be getting ready to drop any day now?


@JoeMantegna: Read through for episode 22




 @CM_SetReport: Aerial view on the set of #CriminalMinds 8×21, “Nanny Dearest”.



gublernation: late night editing room glasses swap with edit wizard-ess/cowbell aficionado @eligirl99


@eligirl99: After 13 hours in editing we start getting silly @GUBLERNATION

Review For Criminal Minds Episode 8.17 “The Gathering”

Thanks to Matthew Gray Gubler Fans Member Jasmine, we have this wonderful review of this weeks Criminal Minds Episode 8.17 “The Gathering”.

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The Gathering: episode 8 x17

“all acts performed in the world begin in the imagination”

The Gathering was another great episode in season 8 of Criminal Minds and did not let any of my expectations down.

The previous episode, which aired 3 weeks ago, left us in quite a cliffhanger of a situation. The complete BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI) minus their computer expert Penelope Garcia, were in a large room with old fashioned music blaring and another victim of who they called “The Replicator” in the center of the room dead. They were surrounded by large boards covered with pictures of every member of their team and the word “Zugzwang” sprawled all over the photos. We had seen the term Zugzwang before as a german word for a chess play that told the other player they were about to be checkmated.

The unsub seemed to have been stalking them this past season by killing his victims in the same way as the killers from the recent solved cases. And after having leaving them chasing after what they thought was the replicator, the team found they were again caught ina game of cat and mouse and left vulnerable in the end.

Tonight’s episode entitled “The Gathering” focused away from the replicator and concentrated on a case where the unsub would copy the writings of a psychological patient who would deal with the thoughts of murder for women that he felt attracted to. And while the storyline walks away from the cliffhanger, it still remains an episode that leaves you hanging out of your seat.

I loved the episode for many reasons. The episode was filled with slight humor and gruesome ideas of murder. The unsub would copy the murders by following the storylines of a mentally ill person that included the man’s sexual fantasies of these women, though the unsub would not rape them. He would then proceed by removing their tongues with a pair of pliers and a knife, to represent the fact that all women are liars, even though the first thought of the BAU team was that he was stealing their tongues to claim ownership on the mentally ill patients stories.

The second interest of this episode was the plot twist. We were led to believe that the unsub was the mentally ill man who we saw from the beginning, writing and stalking these girls and reading the fiction he wrote of their murders. But only when they introduced the real unsub, a man who was heading his therapy group to help his patients by writing out their stories, did we find out that he was indeed the true killer of these women. And that when the mentally ill man did find out he murdered them, proceeded to murder the man who took his stories and brought them to life.

This episode’s personal story, another reason I loved this episode, focused on Penelope Garcia’s love life when a man she once dated, named Sam, walks back into her life, and creates an awkward moment between her and her ex boyfriend Kevin. The results is Garcia in a sexy dress playing the ukelele at the end of the show.

There was also many humorous lines in tonight’s episode which included Garcia calling Morgan “chocolate thunder” and when she referred to a victim’s blog as “makin 50 Shades of Gray look like a children’s book”. As well as Kevin telling Garcia that Sam will have “moobs” or man boobs from drinking soy. And lastly when Rossi reads a line in a blog about a child being potty trained which actually in the end turns out to be a woman’s cocker spaniel.

The last part that made me enjoy this episode was of course the outstanding work of  Matthew Gray Gubler. For one, I am pretty sure I saw Mr. Gubler in mismatched socks at the psychiatric hospital where he goes to interview a victim’s stalker who writes a story about her being strangled. And lastly was the last few moments of the episode where Dr. Reid decides to use the truth to convince the mentally ill unsub to not kill himself, despite JJ’s warning and he ends up killing himself anyway. This scene brought us to a gut wrenching scene when Hotch asks why Reid decided to try and convince the unsub with the truth and he says that the last time he told the truth, he lost someone. I felt another long painful beat of my heart, remembering the lies he told to try and save Maeve, which left the end of the episode rather bittersweet.

To conclude, I found the episode to be entertaining, well written, and well acted, and I cannot wait to see more on Dr. Spencer’s grief, the replicator and hopefully more news on Garcia’s love life.

Lintusflower (Jasmine)


New Criminal Minds Music Video “Your On Speaker, Garcia” Released Today

CM_Set Report has once again treated us to a brand new music video featuring the Criminal Minds cast. “Your On Speaker, Garcia” is sung by H.i.M featuring Da Girl H.E.R. and appearances by Matthew Gray Gubler, Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Kirsten Vangsness, A.J. Cook, and Thomas Gibson. You may remember that H.i.M also performed the first Criminal Minds video “Wheels Up” in Season 7. Make sure you watch till the end for details on how to enter the Criminal Minds Fan Video Contest.


If you missed “Wheels Up” last year, take a look!

Bid On A Signed Criminal Minds Hat For Charity

Currently up for auction on Ebay, is this hat signed by the current cast of Criminal Minds, Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Joe Mantegna, A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, and Jeanne Tripplehorn. 100 % of proceeds will be donated in the winners name to You Caring, a fundraising website that is raising money for the medical care of Chris Bitters. Chris was injured earlier this year in a motorcycle accident.$T2eC16dHJHwE9n8ii+B(BRQ!,,zl)Q~~60_57






To visit the Ebay page to make a bid, click here. If you would like to make a donation to Chris’s medical care, click here. Happy bidding everybody!!!

More Photo’s From “The Learning Curve”

Numerous new photo’s from “The Learning Curve” have appeared online in recent days. The short film, starring Matthew Gray Gubler and directed by Phil McCarty, is an adaptation of a story entitled  “The Learning Curve” by author David Sedaris. It can be found in his collection of essays  entitled “Me Talk Pretty One Day”. Matthew plays Sedaris as he recalls his job teaching a writing workshop while being highly unqualified.








Also, at  The Learning Curve Website, you can see a short video clip of Matthew promoting the film.